Professional stage Hypnotist & Corporate Entertainer

book back in the roomcontact nowHis comedy stage hypnotist show, is ideal for your corporate entertainment, conference, wedding or event entertainment. 

Fully covered by public liability insurance**, this show is ideal cabaret for party and Christmas party events.


*By his girlfriend!

Adam Night is a member of  ‘F.E.S.H.’

The’ European Guild of Professional Stage Hypnotists’

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What Can Adam Do For You?

This website or are the homes of Adam Night, and his hypnotist comedy show, along with his mind reading, mentalism and thought control show ‘the power of the mind show’.

His show is tasteful and culturally sensitive, he has performed at Asian Weddings, Jewish functions (even being booked direct by the Rabbi!) and various gypsy parties.

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There is also useful information regarding the origins of hypnosis, the laws concerning booking a hypnotic cabaret show, access to the Review of Hypnotism Act 1952. Useful information to know before booking a hypnotic cabaret show, and some very interesting links to great resources about hypnosis, other entertainers, and entertainment related interests. The site also contains a useful dictionary of hypnosis and NLP terms, a history of hypnosis, and a history of entertainment hypnosis & hypnotism shows.



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