Hire a Hypnotist like ‘Back in The Room’

How to hire a hypnotist show like ‘Back in The Room’ for your venue

book a show like you're back in the room

If you have seen either the first or second series of Back in the Room starring Philip Schofield and stage hypnotist Keith Barry you are probably wondering how can I hire a hypnotist show. Or book a hypnotist show like back in the room.

Britain's got tallent, Krystina Lennon Hypnodog

You may even have seen stage hypnotists performing on ‘Britain’s got Talent’ last year, there were a few including Krystina Lennon and Hypnodog!

These two shows aroused a lot of interest from the general public last year and I am sure it will again this year when it is back on the television. Most popular stage hypnotists saw a massive increase in bookings and more importantly massive increase in audiences after these two shows had been transmitted.

The truth is there are many comedy stage hypnotists working in the UK today. Some full time and many part time and they have varying levels of experience and ability. Some of them have little or no experience.

Since the dawn of the internet there are many courses and books available, most of these are conducted or written by poor or failed stage hypnotists themselves. There seems to have been a trend for hypnotists who are not good enough to make a full time living at the art to sell their secrets to make some money that way. Unfortunately this has lead to a crop of poor performers.

How do I book a good performer?

Do not despair, there are still many good comedy stage hypnotists available and I will try and point you in the right direction.

Public liability insurance

Anyone you are going to hire to perform a stage hypnotist show for you should have at least one million pounds of public liability insurance and the important question to ask is “does this policy cover in trance?” there are some inferior policies that do not include this cover and what that would mean to you was if someone was to fall over or something worse whilst under the hypnotists instruction there would be no protection and even worse, you as the organiser would be jointly liable!

PAT Testing

Any electrical equipment the hypnotic performer is using should have an up to date PAT test certificate. This is a legal requirement in many venues and also an indicator as to whether you are dealing with a competent professional

Risk Assessment

This is not usually a legal requirement but an indicator as to how much someone has thought about the show they are providing and their consideration for the safety of their subjects.


‘Not all stage hypnotists are equal’ – some are in experienced, some are incompetent and some are just not funny!

It is reasonable to ask someone how long they have been performing , how many shows they have done and if they have performed at a similar event / occasion to yours.


Any performer worth their salt will be more than happy to offer you the names of previous bookers. Don’t be afraid to ask for similar venues / occasions to yours and check these references are recent.


It is always worth searching YouTube and Facebook for videos of their stage hypnosis performance, I would not accept videos they sent me or tried to steer me towards as they are only going to offer you what they want you to see. Remember what you are looking for:- are they funny? Are they safe? Are they performing at a similar venue / occasion to yours? Would your guests / clients enjoy watching this?