Terms and Conditions

All bookings will be subject to the following terms and conditions, these will be printed on your contract.


(The small print!)

1     The Promoter hereby confirms and agrees to be responsible of the fee set out in the schedule of performances and the Artiste hereby undertakes to fulfil the said performances.


2     The Artiste warrants that, at the time of signing this contract, he is not under any contract to any third party that might preclude him from fulfilling the engagement set forth in the schedule of performances and that he will not subsequently enter into any such contract.


3     The promoter shall provide in the case of a performance of Hypnotism ten chairs (or as many as space permits).


4     The Promoter shall provide soft drinks for two persons prior to the performance.


5     Should the engagement be cancelled for any reason other than National Mourning or War the Promoter agrees to pay the Artiste the full agreed fee as shown in the schedule of performances.


6     If the Artiste is unable to perform through illness, he shall notify the Promoter immediately.


7     The Promoter shall be responsible, if necessary, to apply for any licence to perform that may be required.


8     This contract may not be enlarged, modified or altered except by separate agreement in writing signed by both parties hereto.


9     The promoter shall supply the Management with copy of any advertising material originated by the promoter


10      This contract reflects the agreement already made either verbally or in writing and is non-cancellable after 7 days. After that period full fee will be required for all cancelations unless an amicable agreement can be reached with the Artist.


The Promoter is informed that the agreed performance will be copyright of the Artiste, and no recording of the performance (video or otherwise) will be allowed without the Artistes prior consent.


This contract should be signed and returned within seven days.


However, the contract shall be deemed agreed and binding in any event if no objection is received within the said seven days then all terms and conditions will apply.